An Introduction about Investment in Small Companies

Saudi youth tries to establish small and medium investments, and looks forward to achieve their ambitions and reach to universality. However, many obstacles may face them, especially regarding financial issues. Knowing that small foundation in KSA means any company with budget lower than 10 million SR. Financial issues represent the main obstacle against the development of small and medium foundations in KSA.

A sample of some youth talked about the financial problems that they face, and some of them mentioned other obstacles, such as, investment culture in the investment business in general, in addition to lack encouragement from some parties towards these youth investments, and the conditions made by some banks. However, other people agreed on that the Saudi environment became very suitable for these investments.

Saudi youth manage, through small and medium foundations, companies and investments that worth seventy million SR or 37% of gross domestic product of the country. 70% of these companies works in a high proficiency, but 30% faces financial issues.

The benefit of investment in small companies and investments

  1. Increase production and productivity the thing that increases national income and the average for each individual and therefore improve people’s living.
  2. Providing services for citizens and investors.
  3. Providing jobs and decrease the level of unemployment.
  4. Increased capital formation rates of the country.
  5. Providing various specialties of technical and managerial personnel and skilled labor.
  6. The production of goods and services that satisfy the needs of citizen and export the surplus of it to the outside, which provides the necessary foreign currency for the purchase of machinery and equipment and to increase capital formation.

Why EYXB is the best for investment?

EYXB is national self-entity, tried the put the best of its efforts in the Saudi market through long years of experience. And now it’s time to make this experience a helper to employers in order to have opportunities to own and manage successful companies. EYXB is an integrated platform of services that provide supportive tools for your business to shine with your success in your career to reach the summit of excellence in business, and that makes it more effective and with minimal additional expenses.

EYXB has a special team with high experience which more than 15 years in dealing with local companies in KSA, the thing that enable you to launch your company and your investment with a law-cost tools, because the team has high professional and technical qualifications.

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