Appllist بالعربية

Mobile Health Management Company Ltd. (mHC)  is

a pioneering leader in the use of Mobile Phone Technology to provide subscribers with trusted, accurate health information and innovative and interactive health tools, or what is now referred to as mHealth.

One of mhealth application is : APPLLIST

What is The need you are going after?

Enhance healthcare educators ,care coordinators and doctor through a mobile application  that is enriched with health and care contents.

Making a social network that connect all healthcare edu- cators ,care coordinators, and doctors.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

The huge number of our followers force us to provide a

healthy app  that can  integrate and aggregate the health content we provided

So having an app that demonstrates healthy contents with the ability to communicate with doctors in an interactive way is best to improve health education in our region and close the relation between appllist staff and users.

Solution to Problems?

Our goal is interactive engagement with users

Mobile app now days is taking the lead of how you communicate with your audience.

So ,Appllist app is the solution for our users

Appllist application is a health application demonstrated

in the form of info-graphics, videos and consultation. Its rich contents  assist individuals reach their health needs


This application is live  and developed by our Development team in Riyadh.

This application is running on The iOS & Android platforms.


New App Design

Twitter integration: Ability to retrieve data from twitter accounts selected at the back-end side and specify tabbed bar to be displayed.

Instagram integration:

Ability to retrieve data from instagram  accounts

selected at the back-end side and specify tabbed bar to be displayed.

comments integration with all core functions of the app.