KSA Kieer


Client: KSA Khieer

Location: Riyadh- Saudi Arabia


KSA Khieer

Launched on 15 September 2010 and completed two years of daily work through Twitter network as a centerpiece for the good of needy families and philanthropists, and the idea is to allocate guarantees to women widowed, divorced and deserted and battered and exclude cases to the families of the existence of a breadwinner may be ill or unable to work. Is located our responsibility to care for women in particular, and the poor in general, following the words of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (for a courier to the widow and the poor Kalmjahid for God’s sake), and based the idea on the principle of solidarity among members of the community there is the idea of awareness charity we publish during the work that initiates each individual bail love the possessions of clothes, food or furniture and the other for everyone else, or be affordable compared to individual prissy communicate with him and seeks to sponsorship. Good of Saudi Arabia – an initiative symbiotic feel from which other, and tell that there is a poor waiting kindness and compassion, good Arabia to seek well for the nearest next closest and be and be with us active ingredient for the advancement of thought charity upscale – to feel with one another, – to protect our women – and seek to guarantees of our children – that we feed We offer tirelessly and relentlessly