National Deaf call center



Location: Riyadh-KSA



National Deaf Call Center

Tawasol Center is one of the projects of Contact Medical Centers Company Limited. It has been established to provide efficient solution for covering the needs of the (individuals with disabilities) in many fields such as instantaneous translation in sign language for the deaf individuals by means of using the latest technologies via mobile systems at the contact center and instantaneous translation points that are scattered in many sectors dealing with the deaf individuals (such as hospitals, courts, police centers and universities). This is in addition to the training and pre-qualification of the deaf individuals for the labor market through training centers certified by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training. Also we provide the comprehensive access service to other types of disabilities.


Also we provide many other services to the governmental and private agencies and departments including training on the sign language, translation service in sign language, formation of the specialized sign language dictionaries, production of films and programs and other services that are within the scope of this specialty.